Reasons you need to buy a Smartwatch

Still thinking if a Smartwatch is worth your dollars? Of course, smartwatches can be confusing and seem redundant, and despite the company’s best offers some people remain  sceptical about the whole concept of a smartwatch but we at The Gadget Express believe a smartwatch has much more to offer than the same inane features every other gadget possesses. We would like to list down a number of real-world benefits that we’ve discovered, and hope these are enough to convince even the most adamant smartwatch detractors.
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We believe you should always remain updated and what’s better than having your important notifications sent to your wrist without removing your phone from a pocket or bag. It’s an invaluable advantage since it simplifies your life and definitely saves your precious time.

2. Fitness

Smartwatches can count steps and run fitness apps such as Endomondo and Strava. You can hook with your fitness routine and follow it with discipline easily because of constant reminders your smartwatch can give you!

3. Social Etiquette:

Humans are social animals and it certainly is very important for everyone to project some basic social etiquettes. Pondering over one of the most basic social manners, we believe when you’re out somewhere with a company, checking your phone can be rude. Replacing that with a quick glance at your wrist is quicker, simpler and subtler. Your smartwatch can never let you down!

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4. Answering calls:

Smartwatches can even help you answer calls when you need to engage in quick conversations and can’t get to your mobile. The GEX Smartwatches, allow users to answer or decline calls on the watch while keeping the mobile’s microphone active. On the other hand, The Apple Watch eliminates the need of using your phone and helps you carry out conversations directly from the watch.

5. Music:

Want to go for a walk around the town listening to music but remain free of the mobile phone hassle? With smartwatches, you can definitely fulfil your wish. If a track comes on that you don’t like then simply hit ‘next’ on your smartwatch which makes the whole experience of listening to music easier and enjoyable!

6. Navigation:

Coming to navigation, one of the most important and popular features, a smartwatch makes it much easier to get around an unknown city. Directions are sent to your wrist, telling you when and where to turn next. This little navigator surely helps you to connect more with real world!

7. Security:

Your little smartwatch is always there to help you out, even when you are in a rough spot at night and fear to get your $1000 smartphone out. Luckily, a smartwatch is a lot more discreet and can serve the purpose of your smartphone!

Your smartwatch is just about your best companion! At Gadget Express, you can find the correct match for your wrist and the most suitable accessories for your smartwatch! Enjoy the benefits of your smartwatch and dress it up the way you want! To name a few, these are the most popular accessories for your smartwatch:

1. GEX Sleek Tough Armour Cover Case:

Some of the accessories available are smartwatch cover cases like GEX Sleek Tough Armour Cover Case, available in a tone of stylish matt golden. The seamless fit keeps the watch lightweight and slim and gives out a natural look! At Gadget Express, you can buy this for a minimal payment this festive season!

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2. GEX Apple Watch Rubber TPU Anti Scratch Cover:

This brilliant cover is exclusively available at the Gadget Express and our customers are just going bananas over it. This TPU cover allows your watch to look fashionable and slim while protecting it from different agents. Brand new and on sale for a limited period of time!
GEX Apple Watch Rubber TPU Anti Scratch Cover:

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3. 3D GEX Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch:

We also have 3D GEX Screen Protectors available in Matt Black and having high touch sensitivity and anti oil/ water coating. This Screen Protector works really efficiently and protects the whole screen of your beloved smartwatch!

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4.GEX Smartwatch Bands:

We also have GEX genuine leather, nylon, bracelet and metal mesh bands for the Apple Watch in stock and all these products come with a free case this festive season! You can change them to set a new trend everyday! Get the most out of the Fast and free delivery options!

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5. Gex Magnetic Milanese Stainless Band Strap + Frame For Apple iWatch Series 3 2 1

  • PERFECT FIT DESIGN: Milanese Loop style band combined with a strong magnetic closure and adjustable,
  • ensures a perfect fit for Apple Watch Series 3 Series 2 Series 1 Sport & Edition.
  • You’ll never lose your Apple Watch again

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