11 Drive Throttle Controller Windbooster Mercedes Sprinter 06-On

Mercedes Sprinter 06-Now Gex Wind Booster Throttle Controller Theft

We are that confident we are offering a 30 day Trial And Lifetime Warranty on our wind booster throttle controller device

so if you do not feel the difference after installation feel free to send it back to get a full refund, No Questions Asked

Our New Grandtek 11th Gen Acceleration Power Booster  is a device that intercepts the signal between the accelerator pedal and the engine. It takes the signal from the pedal and outputs a modified signal to the engine. Benefit include faster engine response, elimination of throttle delay, better performance and the ability to unleash the true potential of the engine and more.

It is a revolutionary device which dramatically increases your vehicle’s throttle response. You may have noticed that your vehicle can ‘lag’ when hitting the accelerator, this can be eliminated. The easy plug and play interface ensures that anyone can install it within ten minutes.


• No wire cutting!

• Plug & Play

• Easy Installation & Setup

• Anti Theft

• Digital LCD Display

• Increase Throttle Response: 45% – 75%

• Modes and Levels for your application to achieve better engine performance.

• Auto Mode: Self learning mode feature automatically corrects throttle sensitivity for you.

• Money Back Guarantee


Package Includes:

1 X Throttle Display

1 X Set of connector cables


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New Mercedes Sprinter Gex Wind Booster Throttle Controller

New Mercedes Sprinter Gex Wind Booster Throttle Controller Anti