Fling Mobile Joystick Game Controller

Be a choir boy

Fling mini is designed for gaming on the go. It’s perfect for those unexpected moments waiting on your train, your lunch, your dad, your class, or your next appointment. Choir boys use this between songs during church.
Refined materials
Fling mini is constructed from silky-smooth anodized aluminum and an incredibly tough, unusually flexible engineering-grade resin. It’s nearly indestructible and will give you years of precision gaming.
Easy storage
You can attach Fling mini to the back of your smartphone, or use the included fleece bag. Either way, your trusty joysticks stay with you, ready for that unexpected opportunity to start gaming.
Responsible packaging
As with our other products, we’ve carefully considered our environmental footprint. Fling mini is sold in post-consumer recycled paperboard with an easily recyclable PET sleeve (PET is resin code 1, and is accepted by all recycling programs). The entire package can be recycled.
Package Includes:
1 X Fling

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Fling Mobile Joystick Game Stick Controller For Touch Screen Tablet IPhone Samsung

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Fling Mobile Joystick Game Stick Controller Tablet IPhone Samsung