iPhone 6 Internal Li-ion Battery 1810mAh

Is your Apple iPhone 6 not turning on or going flat quickly? It might be time to swap out your Apple iPhone 6 battery for a fresh one. Batteries in our favourite devices only last a few years due to their limited recharge lifespan. Buy a replacement battery ensuring that your device is powered by a high quality battery.

Package Includes:

1 X Battery

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For iPhone 6 Brand New  Premium Internal Battery Replacement 

Product Information

* New Advanced Li-Ion Battery

* Voltage: DC 3.82V

* Built-in Dual Power IC Chips

* Not Contain Hydrargyrum, Lead and Cadmium

* Compound Li-ion Chip, Safer and More Reliable


For Apple iPhone 6


1 x Battery for iPhone 6

Replacement Battery Apple iPhone 6 6G 3.82V