iPad cases for Kids

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iPad cases for Kids

Kids are now more savvy than ever with technology and the most exciting thing for most kids is to finally receive the iPhone or iPad they have always wanted. Once they have their favourite gadget though, its important to let them personalise it or personalise it for them, depending on their age. Why? Personalising gadgets is a fun way to show a sense of individualism from a young age as well as showcasing their interests to others.

Why are iPad covers a good gift idea?

There are many benefits to having an iPad cover for kids:

  • Self Identification – Most kids have a favourite character that they look up to or strongly associate with which is a healthy part of growing up and deciding what kind of person they want to be. Having accessories such as an iPad stand with a character on it, gives the child a sense of individualism and ownership over the device. If you have lots of kids in one household, it also makes it easy to distinguish between iPads efficiently. It not only helps you, but also helps the kids create a connection to which one is theirs.

  • Protection – It’s important that the material covering the iPad is leather, as offered by Gadget Express, as this helps to protect and maintain the iPad for many years to come. These days, we take our devices with us everywhere we go so its important to protect the screens from being scratched and dented while we travel, which can happen so easily! Leather is a safe alternative to synthetic stands such as plastic or rubber and doesn’t leave behind any residue on kids hands.

  • Enhanced experience – having a cover that stands the screen up can enhance the experience your child has with their iPad. Without the stand, kids have to hold the iPad constantly, which can cause great risk to their posture in their back and neck. It can also cause strain that we as adults are also familiar with. The stand on the case changes everything, allowing a child to put the iPad on a table or even on the ground and simply sit back and relax. This is also great for groups of kids who want to share the iPad and watch a movie or TV show, as they can all see the screen equally and nobody misses out…everybody wins!

What are the most popular iPad covers?

Over time, there have been a variety of characters and designs that are popular among kids but there have certainly been some stand outs! The hottest design at the moment is Fortnite  due to its widespread popularity as a video game. Similarly, Call of Duty is a favoured design for boys and even girls who love the game, but keep in mind, these are best for older kids. For younger kids the favourites are Paw Patrol, Marvals, Star Wars, My Little Pony and of course Peppa Pig!

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