Reasons you need to buy a Smartwatch

Still thinking if a Smartwatch is worth your dollars? Of course, smartwatches can be confusing and seem redundant, and despite the company’s best offers some people remain  sceptical about the whole concept of a smartwatch but we at The Gadget Express believe a smartwatch has much more to offer than the same inane features every other gadget possesses. We would like to list down a number of real-world benefits that we’ve discovered, and hope these are enough to convince even the most adamant smartwatch detractors.
best price Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch


We believe you should always remain updated and what’s better than having your important notifications sent to your wrist without removing your phone from a pocket or bag. It’s an invaluable advantage since it simplifies your life and definitely saves your precious time.

2. Fitness

Smartwatches can count steps and run fitness apps such as Endomondo and Strava. You can hook with your fitness routine and follow it with discipline easily because of constant reminders your smartwatch can give you!

3. Social Etiquette:

Humans are social animals and it certainly is very important for everyone to project some basic social etiquettes. Pondering over one of the most basic social manners, we believe when you’re out somewhere with a company, checking your phone can be rude. Replacing that with a quick glance at your wrist is quicker, simpler and subtler. Your smartwatch can never let you down!

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4. Answering calls:

Smartwatches can even help you answer calls when you need to engage in quick conversations and can’t get to your mobile. The GEX Smartwatches, allow users to answer or decline calls on the watch while keeping the mobile’s microphone active. On the other hand, The Apple Watch eliminates the need of using your phone and helps you carry out conversations directly from the watch.

5. Music:

Want to go for a walk around the town listening to music but remain free of the mobile phone hassle? With smartwatches, you can definitely fulfil your wish. If a track comes on that you don’t like then simply hit ‘next’ on your smartwatch which makes the whole experience of listening to music easier and enjoyable!

6. Navigation:

Coming to navigation, one of the most important and popular features, a smartwatch makes it much easier to get around an unknown city. Directions are sent to your wrist, telling you when and where to turn next. This little navigator surely helps you to connect more with real world!

7. Security:

Your little smartwatch is always there to help you out, even when you are in a rough spot at night and fear to get your $1000 smartphone out. Luckily, a smartwatch is a lot more discreet and can serve the purpose of your smartphone!

Your smartwatch is just about your best companion! At Gadget Express, you can find the correct match for your wrist and the most suitable accessories for your smartwatch! Enjoy the benefits of your smartwatch and dress it up the way you want! To name a few, these are the most popular accessories for your smartwatch:

1. GEX Sleek Tough Armour Cover Case:

Some of the accessories available are smartwatch cover cases like GEX Sleek Tough Armour Cover Case, available in a tone of stylish matt golden. The seamless fit keeps the watch lightweight and slim and gives out a natural look! At Gadget Express, you can buy this for a minimal payment this festive season!

best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch

2. GEX Apple Watch Rubber TPU Anti Scratch Cover:

This brilliant cover is exclusively available at the Gadget Express and our customers are just going bananas over it. This TPU cover allows your watch to look fashionable and slim while protecting it from different agents. Brand new and on sale for a limited period of time!
GEX Apple Watch Rubber TPU Anti Scratch Cover:

best price iwatch screen protector
3. 3D GEX Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch:

We also have 3D GEX Screen Protectors available in Matt Black and having high touch sensitivity and anti oil/ water coating. This Screen Protector works really efficiently and protects the whole screen of your beloved smartwatch!

Aluminium Guard Tough Armor Cover For Apple Watch online sale

4.GEX Smartwatch Bands:

We also have GEX genuine leather, nylon, bracelet and metal mesh bands for the Apple Watch in stock and all these products come with a free case this festive season! You can change them to set a new trend everyday! Get the most out of the Fast and free delivery options!

Bluetooth Smartwatch For Android Samsung IPhone 3D Gex Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch


5. Gex Magnetic Milanese Stainless Band Strap + Frame For Apple iWatch Series 3 2 1

  • PERFECT FIT DESIGN: Milanese Loop style band combined with a strong magnetic closure and adjustable,
  • ensures a perfect fit for Apple Watch Series 3 Series 2 Series 1 Sport & Edition.
  • You’ll never lose your Apple Watch again

best price Magnetic Milanese Stainless Band Strap Apple iwatch

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High Tech gadgets and accessories


High tech gadgets and accessories

Trendy Gadgets for your iPad, smart phone and smart watch

The phenomenon of technology is advancing by leaps and bounds today. New concepts and innovative ideas coming from young and ambitious designers are transforming into high tech gadgets which are changing the way we look at our future.  Not only do these products come with beautiful designs and improved functions but also have features capable of generating a major impact on our daily lives.
At Gadget Express, we have stocked some really cool high tech gadgets and accessories which are already a favourite amongst tech geeks and enthusiasts! We would like to talk about some of these hot selling products so that you can always remain updated and move on with the trend!

1. Smart OBD2 KM Speed Warning System Gex HUD Head Up Display RPM

Gex Hud with OBD system display more richer contents and raise the alarm. A delicate & accurate HUD Head Up Display, without all of the unnecessary info that would create distractions.

best price Smart OBD2 KM Speed Warning System


2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gex 5D Tempered Glass Full Glue Screen Protector

3X Stronger: This tempered glass screen protector helps protect the screen against damage. Full Glue Fully Adhesive: Ensures Perfect Fit And Full Protection Case Friendly Design

best price Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tempered Glass Full Glue Screen Protector

3. Dual Lightning Charging Audio & Call Headphone Splitter Adapter For iPhone X 7 8 Plus

Do you want to charge your iOS device whilst listening to music wherever you go? This is a remarkable solution for the new iPhone X 7 8 plus to listen to music and charge at the same time. Designed for iPhone X 8 Plus 7 Plus  Two Lighting Ports instead of one, Up to 48 KHz and 24-bit audio output, keep your original headphone sound quality.

best price Black Lightning Data Audio Headphone Splitter Adapter For iPhone X 7 8

4. iPhone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S8 S7 Qi Wireless Convertible Fast Charging Dock

With this invention while your phone will work just fine with the wired charger it comes with, wireless charging pads are great for a desk or nightstand, and makes charging your phone as simple as putting it down on a surface. It’s a small change, but one that makes keeping your phone juiced up an unconscious part of your life.

Qi Wireless Convertible Fast Charging Dock for iPhone Samsung


5. New Genuine Radisafe Mobile Phone Anti Radiation Sticker EMR Reduce Heat Shield

After considerable research, we have found out that certain earth Minerals have the capability to successfully Harmonize the Radiation / EMF and reduce the Heat produced by your smart devices.

When sticked on the backside of your smart device, it immediately starts to Shield Radiation and reduce heating.

The beneficial physical and biological effects of using this product is that it has been clinically tested and demonstrated to be THE MOST TESTED AND PROVEN PRODUCT OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD. While many similar products from different countries encounter problems of jamming and reduction in the tonal quality, with its Unique Technology, not only Harmonizes Radiation and reduces Heating, but does not jam and interfere with the tonal quality of the calls.

Radisafe Mobile Phone Anti Radiation Sticker EMR Reduce Heat Shield

6. Gextek Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Gold For Apple ipad Mini 3

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Gold For Apple ipad Mini 3


Holding your iPad mini at the perfect viewing angle for typing, or switching easily to media mode for movies or presentations, it’s easy to use anywhere. Despite all that, it still manages to be extremely thin as well as the lightest keyboard.
1. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery lasts for approximately 60 hours per charge.
2. Built-in Bluetooth 3.0 wireless keyboard.
3. Light weight, quiet keystrokes, waterproof and dustproof.
4. Energy saving keyboard sleep patterns.
5. Modern style designed for iPad mini.

7. GEX Portable Bluetooth Speaker:
Available in myriad of trendy colours, you can choose the right portable speakers for you out of the 4 types of GEX Bluetooth speakers in our stock to enjoy an amazing audio experience. All of them are light weighted and easy to carry around on your vacations or parties. These speakers are compatible with your smartphones, laptops or computers allowing you to music or watch visuals with an impactful sound. Durable and efficient, these speakers promise entertainment for a long run.
Online sale Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 8. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case Cover For iPad Pro:
Keyboard folio cases are in vogue these days! I mean nothing’s better than a folio case transforming your iPad into a laptop within seconds making it the most productive tool for you! At Gadget Express, we house GexTek iPad Keyboard Folio Case Covers in a range of colours out of which the Rose Gold cover is the most popular. It is the perfect combination of a Bluetooth keyboard and Protective case. It comes with great features, functions and ensures a trendy look!
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case Cover For iPad Pro

.  Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds:
Skip the struggle of managing those long cords! At Gadget Express, you can find Gex Mini 6 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Earbuds. Ultralight and highly fashionable, these earbuds come with intelligent noise reduction features and allow you make clearer calls. These earbuds fit seamlessly and are compatible with your beloved smartphones, laptops and all your Bluetooth enabled devices.
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Online sale

10. Full 3D Curved Tempered Glass Protect:

Tempered Glass Protect are a hit these days, absolutely trendy and highly productive! You can buy your own tempered glass protect from The Gadget Express for a very reasonable price for all your latest Samsung phones . Made out of chemical processed glass, this glass protect has a clear window display and possesses high sensitivity. It reduces the possibility of smudges and bears a feather touch! Silicone coated and chemically treated, this tempered glass is the perfect accessory for your new smartphone!

3D Curved Tempered Glass for Samsung

11. Apple Watch Armor Cover Case:

Do you want to add a stylish protective cover to your Apple Watch? We have got the exact thing for you! The Apple Watch GEX Rugged Armour Cover Case is here. It protects your watch from scratches and smudges while keeping the display absolutely clear and clean. Dress up your favourite smartwatch with the most trendy options available at The Gadget Express!

Apple Watch Armor Cover Case Online sale

12. Aluminium Apple Watch 1 2 3 Case:

Black is the trendiest colour that never goes out of style! Make your Apple Watch look more stylish with this statement Black Aluminium Apple Watch Case. Gadget Express has it all in a range of designs and colours.

Onsale Apple watch case 123


13. GEX Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPad Mini/Air:

Tempered Glass is the new rage in the accessories world today! With people going bonkers over tempered glass already, we at the Gadget Express have GEX Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini 1 2 3 and Air 1 2

Buy your own screen protector today!


Onsale temprered glass screen protector iPad

The Gadget Express has got myriad of products to suit your needs. So come this festive season and buy the most hot selling gadgets and accessories for yourself or your loved ones! Know what’s the icing on the cake? This year, The Gadget Express is offering you Fast and Free delivery and Warranty guaranteed! !


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